Episode 30 - In which a murder investigation uncovers another murder, and a murder investigation uncovers both a serial killer and an accident

October 2, 2017

Story number one – a normal, healthy woman with absolutely no criminal history loses her mind and shoots up her office. But how could she? She hasn’t ever done anything like this before! Or has she?

Story two – two good girls go missing. Decades later, the truth comes out.

And story three – Is actually 3 stories!


Episode 29 - In which murder for hire is STILL a bad idea, and an elderly jewel thief continues her life of crime.

September 25, 2017

We haven't QUITE done it, but somehow our stories this week were eerily similar! And murder for hire? Still a bad idea! Also, which woman is a jewel thief? Give up?



Ep 28 – In which a text gives away a plot, something horrible happens to a nun, but there’s a clown…

September 18, 2017

A woman tries to plan a murder. But come ON guys! STOP TEXTING!

If you’ve heard of or seen “The Keepers,” you’ll want to listen to Eryn’s story this week – where she tells all the details of the true case!


At least Jordan brings it back around with some clown crime…


Episode 27 - In which aliens and mysteries abound

September 11, 2017

In this episode, we're joined by VERY special guest Mike Cole! Mike tells a tale of a murder, or perhaps an abduction - if you believe in such things. Eryn has a two-part murder mystery suggested by someone awesome (shout out to Mary A!). And Jordan, even though she's having a "sick day" still seems to find her way into the conversation!


Episode 26 - In which there is a family annihilator, a deadly lover’s spat, and a bunch of really funny crimes!

September 4, 2017

Also, Jordan's dogs make repeat appearances as they do their best to keep us from finishing an episode!

This episode is NSFW, but it's full of murder, stabbing, (nudity), and laughter. And who would have ever guessed those things went together?


Episode 25 - In which a ninja is caught, kinky sex turns deadly and if you don’t listen, Ewell be sorry!

August 28, 2017

Ninja Burglad sounds kind of badass, but this one deserves every second of the 22 years he ends up with! Also, two different killers murder their family members, but is it for money or something else?


Episode 24 - In which a girl’s life is forever changed, peanut butter is a weapon, and a fire takes over.

August 21, 2017

Sometimes people are evil. Sometimes they are careless. This episode has some of each. A young girl is snatched off the street on her way to school, and her life is never the same. A couple of men think they're above the law and value profit over life, and a handful of partiers learn a very, very hard lesson!


Episode 23 - In which we forget how to podcast, but still tell stories of accidental murder, celebrity arrests, and tunafish

August 15, 2017

Maybe so much coffee wasn't a great idea! Jordan and I are joined by our silent but handy sound guy as we answer Mike's Mike's challenge (no, that's not a typo), talk about the number 23, and try to figure out how someone could accidentally poison a crowd!


Episode 22 - In which two girls make a deadly, almost supernatural pact, a woman blames a murder on sex, and we learn that you’re not allowed to ride couches through drive-thrus!

August 7, 2017

If you've never heard of The Silent Twins, you have to listen to this episode! Yes, it's true crime, but something about it also seems... otherworldly! 

Then Jordan tells about a marriage that was doomed before it began. 

And Eryn finishes up with a hilarious tale of midnight munchies gone horribly awry!


(Sound effects courtesy of ZapSplat)


Episode 21 - In which it IS twins, is only one guy, and is also Five Guys

July 31, 2017

And if that's not enough to confuse you, listen on!

Jordan tells of a murderer who manages to avoid conviction by being someone else and a man who really just had the munchies. Eryn tells of a crime of potential mistaken identity. And both of us almost get eaten by a GIANT SPIDER!