Season 4, Episode 4 - In which we explore black metal and evil texts

February 12, 2019

**Warning: this episode deals with suicide**

This week's guest is Erica from Customers Also Watched.

We learn a little about death in Norway, and death by carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Then we dive headfirst into the world of Black Metal - specifically some extreme, and bloody incidents that happened in Norway. "Dead is Dead, but Mayhem carries on."

And Eryn picks up the thread of killer-children with a story about a horrific text that lead to manslaughter!

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Listen to Erica's hilarious podcast here!



Season 4, Episode 3 - In which there’s a false confession and a Mormon

February 5, 2019

Marie Kent from My Book of Mormon returns this week with another crime from Mormon history, and this one contains a heavy dose of comeuppance! 

Eryn's thread is False Confessions as she explores the tragedy of a young man who admitted to something he never did.




Season 4, Episode 2 - In which we add cults to the string

January 21, 2019

This season, we're tying all our stories together with a string, and this week, Eryn's string is cult murder! 

But, more exciting still, we have a a VERY special guest, Marie Kent from My Book of Mormon! And, of course, she brought an amazing Mormon-related crime to tell. There's a Mormon War and everything!

This week's hastags? #SuperMiranda, #TheDestroyingAngel and, of course, #CallYourPeople!

Learn more about Miranda

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Listen to Naked Mormonism (Boggs Ep: July 25, 2018)

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Crime Crazy Personal Announcement

January 15, 2019

You probably noticed no episode came out this week. The reason why is absolutely gutting, but we thought you should know. 

Diana and her family are going through a truly horrible and hard time. I know all of our thoughts and love are with them. 

A great way to show support for Diana and her boys is by donating to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 


Crime Crazy will be back next week with a special guest. In the meantime, #callyourpeople



Season 4, Episode 1 - In which we learn a lot about squirrels

January 8, 2019


We've turned this season into a season-long challenge! For Season 4, we're connecting our stories. Each story will contain an aspect of the previous true crime tale. 

And Diana, the over-achiever, started early. Going ALL the way back to her first appearance on Crime Crazy (Season 2, Episode 10!), she grabbed the thread of local crimes and found a crazy murder-for-hire tale about a man with a terrible name!

Then, to wrap up 2018, Eryn tells about one of the craziest crimes that concluded in 2018. 




Eryn's Story:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

That Sounds Serious

Affirmative Murder




Christmas Special 2019! Crimes and Kids

December 23, 2018

In the spirit of giving, we've given our podcast to our kiddos. Tobin, Liam, and Betsy hope you enjoy their episode!

Christmastime is full of magic. Santa somehow fills a pretty standard-sized sleigh with enough presents for every (good) child in the world and then manages to visit every single home in one night. And, on top of that, he manages to fit down chimneys!

Guys. It's not possible without magic. So let's all agree to stop trying the chimney thing in real life, ok?

#ExplainLikeImFive - Literally!

And, finally, Betsy has a story full of Christmas Cheer in her Holiday Headlines segment!

Merry Christmas! We'll see you next year!



Season 3, Episode 24 - In which dumb criminals try to ruin Christmas and parents can’t be trusted!

December 17, 2018

'Tis the season to celebrate! Whether you're giving Hanukkah gifts, wrapping Christmas presents, or gifting Kwanzaa goodies, remember: Walmart is not a charitable organization. They expect you to pay for anything you take from their store.

And let's think logically, guys! If someone is willing to help you kill an innocent child, they probably won't hesitate all that much when it comes to killing you!

Finally, look, we don't condone crimes of any kind. But come on, people! If you're going to commit a crime, at least PRETEND to hide your tracks!

Scott and Dupree

Lewallen and Carly

BingeMode - Harry Potter

The Dollop






Season 3, Episode 23 – In which we talk about a lot of death

December 11, 2018

Amanda is on our podcast, which means you get to hear the details about Diana’s trip to the Mutter museum! Spoiler – Amanda wasn’t nearly as excited about it as Diana was!

A funeral home in Detroit hides a terrible secret!

And finally, a woman with a bunch of marriages should not have been allowed to be a landlady!


Check these out!

DreamLab Use your phone’s processing power to help with cancer research! (Update: you can still use your phone and turn off the screen while the program is running – at least on Android.)

And That’s Why We Drink

Judge John Hodgeman


Campbell’s Tavern (the site of Amanda’s thing she learned)

Russet – the BEST restaurant in Philly!

Mutter museum (I probably shouldn’t have to tell you, but these images are pretty disturbing!)

Cantrell Funeral Home

Dorothea Puente


Season 3, Episode 22 - In which we’re (not) guilty of kidnapping

December 3, 2018

Welcome to our very special guest, Betsy!

On this episode, we discuss phallic graffiti, the Brady Bunch*, fake news, and podcasts we love! Stink ears participates in a murder, the GSPD find a new way to catch people with drugs, and a middle-schooler takes spray paint to a bathroom wall.

*Sadly, this is a lie, but we did LEARN something about the Brady Rule


A woman and her meth

A woman and her meth

FluNearYou.Org- help the CDC track illness!

Coffee Break - Spanish

Part-Time Genius

The Dollop




Season 3, Episode 21 - In which there’s an eggplant. And a pigeon.

November 19, 2018

No, we didn't reuse last week's episode. It's just that we actually found ANOTHER couple stories with things like Australia, eggplant, pigeons...

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to save your loved one some turkey!